Busy Few Months

I have had a lot on my plate the last few months. In addition to my own work at my business The New Wave Studios, I have been working on several side projects. Some of the interesting projects I have worked on recently are:

  1. A fully automated Photobooth. It takes four pictures then prints out a photo.

  2. An all-grain brewing system. Yes, I'm talkin’ about beer! The system I am preparing to build is quite simple but still is going to require some knowledge about 120V AC circuits and, of course, brewing beer.

  3. I haven't spent too much time on my other side project which is an internship at a gaming company in San Diego. The project I will be programming for is a 2D flash game. I am in charge of the server-side programming which will involve server/client communication for multiplayer modes.


I looked into lot's of different options for how to capture images for the Photobooth. The cheapest and most easily implemented way was to use a webcamera with the Party Booth Software. With this software we were able to put together the pieces of the system and get them working before going about building the thing.

Building the Photobooth was an exciting experience. For about nine days, every afternoon after work was spent working on constructing the booth. We received lot's of help from relatives and friends, namely my friend's dad and uncle. The end result is a beautiful booth with trimmed black panels on the outside, white horizontal slat panels on the inside and dark red wood flooring.

We unveiled the Photobooth at a graduation party for my friend's cousin. We had some complications when the hard drive failed less than an hour before the party. We were able to use a different computer though and save the project. I believe that well over 400 photos were taken by the booth that night.

In the future we are going to try and rent the booth out to parties, weddings and the like. If you are located in Northern California and would like some more information about renting it, just email me at

Photos of the booth will be up soon!

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